Age discrimination: trainer pack

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Video clips

The Equality Act protects people from discrimination, victimisation or harassment on the grounds of age throughout their working lives. Enlightened organisations have long realised that age diversity goes far beyond merely complying with the law and can deliver huge benefits. Having an age-diverse workforce gives your organisation a vast pool of different experiences, ideas, skills and approaches to draw from – as well as making it easier to cater for a diverse customer base.

Pack contents
    • one set of trainer notes
    • one pack of video clips
    • one PowerPoint presentation with video clips

Our age discrimination trainer pack contains 11 training video clips, each focusing on a single theme around age in the workplace. It comes with a presentation and extensive notes to introduce each themed video clip. A preview of the trainer notes is shown below.

Sample content

Learning outcomes

    Suitable for both staff and managers, this all-in-one trainer pack has been designed to support delivery of a half-day training course covering:

    • the key provisions of the Equality Act with regards to age
    • why age is a key aspect of diversity
    • how to prevent age discrimination at the recruitment stage
    • the importance of focusing on personal qualities and competence
    • the impact of the abolition of the Default Retirement Age (DRA)
    • the benefits of an age-balanced workforce.


  • Duration:
  • 3 hours
  • Videos:
  • 11
  • Producer:
  • Skill Boosters

Video formats (subject to availability):

  • High Definition (mp4, 1280x720)
  • Standard Definition (mp4, 640x360)
  • Mobile (mp4, 480x270)

Featured experts:

Rachel Krys