SBB13 – Handling difficult conversations in the workplace

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This short video looks at why certain workplace conversations can be particularly challenging and sets out effective strategies for approaching them.

Difficult conversations come in all shapes and sizes. It might be tackling an employee’s poor performance, breaking news of redundancies or dealing with a sensitive personal issue affecting a member of staff – but whatever the issue, being able to approach tricky conversations with confidence is a crucial skill for all leaders and managers.

Combining powerful original drama with insight from leading workplace mediation experts, this briefing shows how to remove the fear factor from difficult conversations, employ a constructive approach and ensure you achieve the desired outcome.

This video briefing will give a better understanding of:

    • why certain conversations can make us apprehensive
    • common mistakes that we make when having difficult conversations
    • the importance of good preparation and knowing the facts
    • key communication skills and why it’s essential to listen
    • how to find a sustainable solution and move on


  • Duration:
  • 9:52
  • Genre:
  • Video briefing
  • Producer:
  • Skill Boosters

Video formats (subject to availability):

  • High Definition (mp4, 1280x720)
  • Standard Definition (mp4, 640x360)
  • Mobile (mp4, 480x270)

Featured experts:

Clive Lewis OBEKate Russell