SBB20 – Avoiding workplace conflict

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This short video looks at why conflict develops in the workplace and what we can do to address and resolve it effectively.

Conflict can be immensely costly to organisations, damaging to relationships and disastrous for productivity. It might be an argument between a line manager and a member of their team, a personality clash between colleagues or even a power dispute between different departments in an organisation. Wherever it manifests itself, conflict is a major cause of stress in the workplace and it can lead to long-standing grievances, factionalism and absenteeism.

Being able to handle conflict effectively, whatever the situation, is a skill that will help you to build strong, constructive working relationships and improve the overall performance of your organisation. Featuring dramatized scenarios and analysis from psychotherapist and mediator Barry Winbolt, this short course looks at the causes and patterns of conflict and provides a comprehensive toolkit for achieving positive outcomes.

This video briefing will give a better understanding of:

    • why conflict develops and how it escalates
    • the importance of interests and positions
    • the need to separate people from problems
    • the key communication skills for conflict resolution
    • how to de-escalate conflict and embed new approaches to prevent it recurring


  • Duration:
  • 09:56
  • Genre:
  • Video briefing
  • Producer:
  • Skill Boosters

Video formats (subject to availability):

  • High Definition (mp4, 1280x720)
  • Standard Definition (mp4, 640x360)
  • Mobile (mp4, 480x270)

Featured experts:

Barry Winbolt