SBB23 – Dealing with sensitive issues: body odour

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This short video looks at how to address the sensitive issue of bad body odour in the workplace.

Tackling the issue of a person’s bad body odour can be particularly daunting, but if left unaddressed it can cause serious damage to working relations.

Combining drama, role-play scenarios and contributions from HR and legal experts, workplace mediator and psychotherapist Barry Winbolt looks at why bad body odour is such a daunting subject to deal with and demonstrates techniques for addressing the problem sensitively and effectively.

This video briefing will give a better understanding of:

    • why bad body odour can cause problems in the workplace
    • the reasons we can find it hard to tackle
    • how to broach the subject of bad body odour and address it effectively
    • legal considerations for employers when tackling staff with body odour and personal hygiene problems


  • Duration:
  • 08:34
  • Genre:
  • Video briefing
  • Producer:
  • Skill Boosters

Video formats (subject to availability):

  • High Definition (mp4, 1280x720)
  • Standard Definition (mp4, 640x360)
  • Mobile (mp4, 480x270)