SBB30- Six steps to leading productive meetings

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Six steps to leading productive meetings

Meetings cost time and money, so it’s essential to make sure that when you do have them, they are collaborative, productive spaces where something is achieved. This short briefing sets out six key steps for making your meetings a success.

Meetings are a significant investment of time and money for any organisation – so it’s important to make sure that when they do happen, they represent a worthwhile return on that investment and don’t simply get in the way of everyone doing their job.

Setting clear objectives, asking questions, creating a positive atmosphere and ending on a high are all part of leading great meetings that maximise everyone’s contributions and reach a constructive conclusion.

In this short video briefing, business psychologist Sarah Lewis shows how to lead meetings in a way that boosts creativity, encourages collaboration and achieves positive outcomes for everyone.

This video briefing will give a better understanding of:

    • how to start meetings on a positive note and maintain a positive atmosphere
    • why asking questions is better than making statements
    • the importance of setting clear goals and objectives
    • how to foster innovation and creativity
    • why thinking beyond the boundaries of the group makes for better and more sustainable decision-making
    • why ending meetings on a positive, future-oriented note encourages a willingness to honour commitments.


  • Duration:
  • 11.07
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  • Video briefing
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  • Skill Boosters

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Featured experts:

Sarah Lewis