SBB37 – Disciplinary investigations

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Disciplinary investigations

Workplace investigations can cover a wide variety of offences, from bad timekeeping and computer misuse to bullying and harassment, theft, violence or fraud. Investigators are responsible for looking into allegations of misconduct, gathering witness statements and other evidence, such as CCTV footage, emails and expenses claims, and writing a report that sets out the facts and determines whether or not the employee concerned has a case to answer. The investigator’s report will then be used at any formal disciplinary hearing that follows.

Combining dramatised scenarios with best-practice guidance and key legal advice, this briefing provides a quick-reference step-by-step guide to conducting a disciplinary investigation in a fair, timely and objective way and producing a detailed report that supports the disciplinary process.

This video briefing will give a better understanding of:

    • when an investigation might be necessary
    • how to gather evidence and collect witness statements
    • whether or not to suspend an employee during the investigation
    • what to include in an investigation report


  • Duration:
  • 14:32
  • Genre:
  • Briefing
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  • Skill Boosters

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Featured experts:

Petra Venton