True diversity in the workplace – Tinline’s take

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True diversity in the workplace

This free diversity training video explains how monitoring and improving diversity is now firmly on the agenda for most organizations. However, many still do not understand the full value of true diversity. Making the most of differences adds value way beyond equal opportunity quota filling. There are wellbeing, employee engagement, innovation and performance benefits when diversity is fully embraced and valued. It’s about harnessing differences to bring a broad range of perspectives and approaches and building an open and positive working climate. Gordon Tinline, business psychologist gives us his take on what embracing true diversity in the workplace really means and the many business benefits of having a diverse workforce and inclusive work culture.

Gordon’s expertise has been from his business psychology base and his work with a wide range of public and private sector organisations over the last 25 years. One of Skill Boosters’ long-standing expert commentators, Gordon specialises in well-being and psychological resilience, leadership development and managing difficult behaviours in the workplace and has worked as a trainer and presenter across a wide range or organisations, including at senior management levels.


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